What’s Wrong With Blatant Self Promotion In Your Blog Content?

I read a comment on a blog the other day which accused the blogs writer of blatant self promotion in the posts content. It caused me to stop and think. Should blog content consist of blatant self promotion?

Between you and I, I gave it about ten seconds thought. My answer? There is nothing wrong with blatant self promotion. In simple terms, what is your blog for if not some form of self promotion.

Many readers are becoming a little jaded with ‘hidden message’ type promotion. If they come to a site that has written a frank and honest review of one of their products – great. I they come across a site that waffles on about a range of topics whilst constantly trying to throw product references, I don’t know about you, but to many it looks more a keyword article then one designed to help.

Having said that, there does need to be a mix. A post about your free shipping this Christmas is fine. A post highlighting certain products that you may be promoting is okay as well. However, posts that contain useful tips and how to’s intermingled certainly add a lot of value to the site.

Blatant self promotion – who doesn’t do it is more the question?

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