Sunscreen cream should not change often(must read)

Many people feel that sunscreen cream will not be absorbed by the skin, should be replaced in return would not be a big impact on you. In fact, according to some dermatologists say that many of the sensitive because of the inappropriate use of sunscreen cream induced.

Although relatively simple sunscreen ingredients, it will not be absorbed by the skin, and skin but there is a “breaking” process. Just as some masks, you are wearing a gas-tight, uncomfortable, and perhaps the skin would be adverse reactions from some. So if you are used to a sunscreen, do not easily replaced, the proposed long-term use.

Some skin care products with a long time, the skin had a certain “autoimmune”, as if no effect on, the answer is that they should look to replace. The sunscreen does not exist the problem, it is the skin will have a “memory function”, which adapt to a sunscreen, if you are easily replaced, may play a counter-productive Oh.

Stomach too much greasy cause acne

Straight after eating and drinking, his chin on the most likely to emerge acne, and they are red and swollen most of the closed comedo. Why? Food is too greasy, sebaceous glands will secrete excess fats, oils and fats trigger a metabolic imbalance, it closed the acne came. The approaching marriage of the bride, this may be no less than the effect of disfigurement. Eliminate greasy pox, first of all, to prevent! To learn more about your interest on “cool springs plastic surgery reviews“, check here

TIPS: tongue a little red, less tongue coating, gingival swelling, if these symptoms have to remind you as soon as possible to prevent the emergence of a greasy acne.

Greasy acne prevention diet is the key

As we all know, to the prevention of lit and let the skin to maintain moisture gloss, the most effective way is to drink plenty of water. However, you can also drink four types of tea, so that the effect of doubling drink Beautiful Skin.

Now that can not avoid eating and drinking, you can also choose some of the acne treatment effect of food: mushrooms, white fungus, black fungus, celery, bitter gourd, cucumber, wax gourd, wild rice stem, green bean sprouts, soy beans, tofu, lotus root, watermelon , pears, etc.,, prevent acne.

TIPS: their eating oily skin would give a heavy burden because if the constipation caused by overeating, it can give your face a significant risk planted. Therefore, first of all want to prevent greasy pox to prevent constipation.


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