Poker Hottie of the Week-Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh


Jennifer Leigh, aka “Jennicide”, is an almost too good to be true. For those computer nerds out there, according to Wikipedia, she is a World of Warcraft player with a knowledge of C++ and Linux programming. For the more domestically inclined, she loves spending time with her friends, family, and her Maltese puppy “Icey”. For the partiers, she enjoys clubbing and claims to be a terrible dancer; therefore not so intimidating? For the health nuts?–oh, she has a personal trainer. For the poker players, it is her passion and she is apparently pretty damn good at it. And last but not least, for every guy out there, she is insanely hot. All of these qualities combined make it hard to deny her Poker Hottie of the Week; not that I wanted to anyway.

According to Jennifer’s website,, she was born August 10th, 1983 and when she is not traveling around playing poker, she still resides in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. At the age of 12, Jennifer constructed her online alias Jennicide, which she decided on because it sounded dark but also close to her real name. According to Wikipedia, she used her alias on hacking forums and was once involved with beige boxing, which is supposedly the term used for any type of illegal phone tapping.

Leigh was introduced to poker by Dutch Boyd’s brother in 2004 and built up from playing $5 Sit-and-Go’s to 100/200 Limit Hold’em. Within one year of her learning the game, she had became one of the highest ranked female tournament bitcoin blackjack players. Because of her ranking, she was invited to play the Poker Royales Battle of the Ages. In September 2005 she had quickly built her skills enough to place 9th in The World Championship of Online Poker $1000 Limit Hold’em event earning $10,000. Then in 2006, she cashed in a PokerStars Carribbean Adventure WPT (World Poker Tour) event placing 42nd for $13,500 and then the Legend’s of Poker WPT event, placing 45th in the No Limit Hold’Em Championship for $15,530. Also, in the 2006 World Series of Poker, she placed 18th in the $1000 No Limit Hold’Em with Re-Buys for $16,382 and played in the Women’s Event as a member of the Queen of Hearts Team. Currently, Jennifer is one of the featured players on the IPA Tour.

As people may or may not be aware, Jennifer recently posed for FHM Online and is scheduled to appear in the May 2008 issue of Playboy. She says if she could change anything in the poker world, “[She would] encourage more young females onto the tables and see them dominate!” Well, if these females look like her, the other males at the tables probably wouldn’t mind too much. Even if Jennifer wasn’t a poker player she would still be appealing, but a hot, bad-ass, talented, poker player…what more can we ask for?

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