FLIPokeHer wins Full Tilt Poker game289 Event 40


The FTOPS XX has been under way for a little while now at FullTilt Poker with the usual large amounts of entries. Play got underway earlier in April on the 17th and wouldn’t stop until the game289 XX Main Event on May 1st.

Event #40 was one of the most popular. It had the second highest buy-in (not including the Main Event) at a whopping $2,100. Of course this meant that players were guaranteed a huge $2,500,000 prize pool. Event #40 was a multi-entry, super stacked no-limit tournament to be played on two days.

530 players decided to compete for the first place prize of $265,000 and it became known near the end that players wanted more than just the prize, but also the jersey avatar.

A handful of FullTilt Poker Pros came out to participate with a couple of them finishing in the top 25, one at the final table. Once the first day got down to only 54 players, not only would action seize for the day but the remaining players were guaranteed money.

The second to last remaining FullTilt Pro was “Caio Pimenta” who finished in a respectable 20th place. Soon after, AverageHoe’s pocket sixes sucked out against svwerder3′s pocket aces preflop to narrow the field to only 2 tables when AverageHoe hit a straight on the turn.

Play would continue again at a nice pace with a few all-ins and eliminations. It wasn’t until AverageHoe had done it again to set the final table. This time, he won a flip with AsTs vs. pommesXD’s pocket fives preflop. The board ran out 644A2 sending pommesXD out in 10th.

Here’s how the final table chip stacks looked to begin:

  1. AverageHoe 789,332k
  2. Shawn Buchanan 444,727
  3. Nyx86 385,773
  4. FLIPokeHer 353,786
  5. BeckReloaded 337,825
  6. QJdiamantes 269,628
  7. Anaxona 248,093
  8. cswidler 171,208
  9. Kroko-dill 158,628

As play got down to 6 handed AverageHoe, still chipleader at the time, attempted a deal. The final FullTilt Pro, Shawn Buchanan, was quick to say no and that was that. This ended up biting Buchanan in the rear when he was the next victim to go home. He lost 3/4th of his chips to cswidler all-in preflop by losing a race with his AK to QQ when a Q spiked on the flop. Three hands later AverageHoe had done it again with KcJd vs. Buchanan’s Ah6h all-in preflop, even after an A flopped and AverageHoe needing runner-runner.

When it got to three-handed, AverageHoe was still the chipleader. His fellow opponents were FLIPokeHer and Anaxona. Anaxona then minraised the BU with AverageHoe 3betting all-in from the big blind. Anaxona made the call with pocket tens against AverageHoe’s AdJc. The river would bring a J to send home Anaxona out in third.

The very start of heads-up AverageHoe again insisted on a deal. This time FLIPokeHer agreed with $185,000 going to FLIPokeHer, $234,300 going to AverageHoe and the other $10,000 left to be played. The first hand AverageHoe asked if FLIPokeHer wanted to just flip all-in every hand until there was a winner. FLIPokeHer said no and mentioned the FTOPS jersey meant more to him than the money. This would wind up being great for FLIPokeHer as he managed a huge comeback to win event #40 of the FTOPS xx at 9:19PM ET.

1 – FLIPokeHer – $195,000*

2 – AverageHoe – $234,300*

3 – Anaxona – $119,250

4 – cswidler – $92,750

5 – Nyx86 – $68,900

6 – Shawn Buchanan – $50,350

7 – BeckReloaded – $32,860

8 – QJdiamantes – $26,500

9 – Kroko-dill – $20,670

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