Don’t Fall For Hydroface


OK ladies, it’s time for a refresher on the biggest skin care scam of all time. First of all you need to know this: Hydroface Anti Aging System looks identical to Hydroxatone even down to the name, AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex (look closely at the name on the jar), packaging, photos, and marketing campaign.

Hydroxatone has had hundreds of complaints and I am guessing that they thought it best to change the name and change the ingredients taking advantage of the newest “miracle” ingredient. Don’t fall victim to this company. This is only part of the Hydroface cream scam.

Deception #1:

Take a good look at the before and after pics (I purposely did not include the link, see below, you can find it through google). They are ridiculous and this could never happen even over a long period of time. They have a disclaimer under the photo that states “results are not typical.” Bahahaha! Need I say more?

Ingredients are a chemical soup of:

Not one single skin supporting ingredient yet they claim: potent antioxidants, vitamins, skin tighteners and essential oils. They are vital for increasing collagen and skin elasticity in men and women, in turn helping remove wrinkles and making the skin look years younger. Wait, I take that back…I do see one ingredient that I can somewhat understand; the one with the word macadamia.

Your kidding right? Essential oils? Vitamins? Do they think we are completely oblivious in this day and age?

Deception #2:

Now take a look at the media coverage. The articles listed on the website are articles for Argireline Extract, a potent skin antioxidant;hydroxatone cream they are not articles or press about the actual product. Anybody can take celebrity photos and put them on a website by the way. Top celebrities DO NOT endorse these products. Remember Dr. Oz and his fight against websites using his name? If not, watch this: The Fight To Reclaim the Oz Name.


Affiliate marketers are hopping on this one in hoards. Fake review sites, fake YouTube videos (hired actors), fake squidoo lenses, and fake articles all get you the consumer to think that these people have actually used the product and like the results.

They get $8.50 per click. Yes, that’s right…every time someone clicks on the link to the product in their fake review site, they get $8.50! There are over 200 people a day coming to this exact article your reading. You do the math. I had to dig deep in my soul not to put an affiliate link to the product in this article just for the clicks it would get.

And the biggest scam of all? Fake medical news sites with reviews of the product and no other news. So funny, they even have a weather feed! This is a site to make you believe they are bringing you medical news when in reality they are selling products only. They are making a killing on selling you, the consumer a product with a very small amount of “proven ingredients,” using news logos and fake testimonials. (Since I wrote this article, most of these sites have been banned from the internet)

Now, take a look at the testimonials at the bottom of the page and you will see all of the reviews were written within a 3 day period and suddenly the comments section is closed just like the Hydroxatone sites. This is just one example of a scam site populating the internet. There are thousands! (watch out for facebook ads)

You say, “but Charlene, you’re an affiliate marketer yourself.” And that’s exactly why I hate these false review sites and scam artists trying to take advantage you! They give legitimate companies and websites a bad name.

While Hydroxatone got it’s bad wrap mostly for not honoring refunds and not cancelling automatic monthly payments, Hydroface Anti Aging System offers a one time payment (as stated on the website: no recurring fees or hidden charges), I dare you to try and get your money back on this over-hyped product that doesn’t come close to what it claims to do. The bad reviews will start coming soon. All of their products are over-hyped. You can also learn about “top botox injector“, click here

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